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About vTradEx

Founded in 2001, vTradEx is the leading brand in China to provide intelligent, mobile internet and hybrid cloud solutions in supply chain execution.
      Its 56linked logistics platform offers a range of modular, cloud-based, interoperable Web and mobile logistics management applications. The company’s eLOG application suite offers solutions such as Order Management, Transportation Management, Warehouse Management, and Route Optimization. In addition, the company offers consulting, implementation, training, maintenance, and support services. It serves transportation companies and logistics service providers, manufacturers, retailers, distributors, as well as alliance partners and value-added resellers.
      Our list of showcase customers includes Walmart, Unilever, Sinopharm, General Motors, Foxconn, Haier and World-Class 3rd party logistics companies such as Sinotrans, Schneider Logistics as well as DHL. With the rich industry experience combined with advanced IT technology, vTradEx strives to help our customers to cut costs and gain competitive advantage through high quality of services.
      vTradEx was awarded one of the notable vendors of Gartner Magic Quadrant for TMS and Asia Top 25 Logistics Technology Companies by APAC CIO outlook magazine.(      )


Leadership Team


vTradEx’s leadership team has both international and local experience. President Meng-Huai Chen graduated with three Masters Degrees from Sloan School of Management, MIT, University of Wisconsin-Madison (Industrial Engineering) and University of Oregon (Applied Mathematics). She worked in many multinational companies, including Sabre Decision Technologies, American Airlines, Unisys, and Netease prior to the founding of vTradEx, a logistics software company focused on the China market. Ms. Chen’s vision for the China logistics industry and her guidance to top-tier Chinese companies’ logistics strategy as well as the IT development has made her reputation in the industry. She is a member of the China Communications and Transportation Association, China Federation of Logistics Procurement and Automotive Logistics Association, and the Cold Chain Logistics Standards Commission. She has been invited to be the expert committee for the China Logistics Information Technology Commission.

Technology and Consulting Team

The company has a high-quality and internationally educated team. 7% of the employees graduated from well-known international universities, including United States, Germany, France, and the United Kingdom. 3% of employees have a doctorate degree, 27% have a master's degree and 60% have an undergraduate degree. The team has a well-established overseas background and excellent management experience. When it comes to the design, development, and implementation of solutions for supply chain and logistics management, our team has the unique capability of taking into account both the international perspective and the local delivery capability.


Product Overview

vTradEx cloud-based network solution connects shipper to their trading partners
thereby enabling route and resource planning, execution and monitoring, inventory and supply chain visibility.
vTradEx eLOG application suite offers solutions such as Order Management, Transportation Management, Billing Management, Warehouse Management as well as Route Optimization.vTradEx 56linked logistics platform as well as the enterprise to enterprise system integration eHUB
offers a range of modular, cloud-based, interoperable Web and mobile logistics management applications.

VTradEx Flagship Customers

VTradEx’s OMS, TMS, WMS, BMS, ROS, LRCS, TCS and cloud platforms - 56linked.com have served more than1000 enterprises to save logistics costs, improve supply chain management efficiency.

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